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Husband not in Thailand - need divorce

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A female Thai work colleague of mine is married to a Danish national and wants to divorce him. Due to a virus going around it's not possible for him to visit and do whatever is necessary. What are her option? She tells me he has a new girlfriend and he (says) is willing to come here once the situation allows. Thanks in advance for any help.

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Tell her to hook up with the G/F Husband is certain to rush back when he hears the good news

It is laughable reading some of the posts on this thread form so-called experts, who actually have no idea what they are talking about. My case, i left Thailand 26th feb 2010, my ex divorced me n

It can sometimes be hard to pick up on their subtle signals.  

You must go together to the amphur for an amicable divorce.

As far as I'm aware, to force a divorce through just one party you must have separated for 3 years.

In case the divorce is disputed, there should be no financial support given during those 3 years or the court could consider the couple 'not separated'.

If he is living in his home country he should be able to divorce you from there? And then you can register the divorce papers at your amphur?

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She needs to talk t

11 minutes ago, justaphase said:

So do you think she can send him the papers and he can sign them, return them and the amphur will accept?

Not sure if you can do that here but I did it in canada ex sent me the notification.

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2 minutes ago, mrwebb8825 said:

If it's uncontested see if she can mail the papers to him and he sends them back with 2 signed copies of his passport and then video chat him at the amphere's office for extra proof.


Amphur head can only grant divorce when he is certain both parties agree to the divorce and the conditions.

Which is why if the Amphur head can't speak English, you need an interpreter for the foreign spouse. 

If you can't both appear in person, it has to be done by the court.

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