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'It'll be carnage': British companies dread a Brexit border breakdown

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4 hours ago, Loiner said:

I don't know why you are not surprised - maybe because I am telling the truth rather than the constant anti-Brexit propaganda? Brexit is happening whether you want it to or not. Deal or No Deal, things will be different at ports and airports so Remainer biased freight companies had better take their head out of the sand and gear up for it.

Which makes a brexit better for them how?

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Why am I not surprised that you are the first to react, and with exactly the response I have come to expect from a blindfolded Brexit follower? You don’t care, is what you keep repeating. Others do, a

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7 hours ago, Rookiescot said:

So the only truckers stuck because of the extra red tape are remainer truckers ?



Of course not, German French, Spanish and other EU truckers will be stuck also

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