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'It'll be carnage': British companies dread a Brexit border breakdown

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Why am I not surprised that you are the first to react, and with exactly the response I have come to expect from a blindfolded Brexit follower? You don’t care, is what you keep repeating. Others do, a

More Remainer truckers moaning. We don't care because we voted to Leave, not keep the cosy status quo with the fright industry. They had better get all their ducks in a row, rather than constantly moa

Or is Remainer Reuters to blame?    As a European, I love reading all those Brexit failures. It keeps giving and giving. Brexiteers have so much egg on their face by now, they look like a bukka

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1 hour ago, JonnyF said:

Oh really?


Seems like you have selective hearing. Please try again, and do try to pay attention this time, there's a good boy.



But did you listen him?

Remainers did but Brexiteers dismissed it a project fear and chose to believe people like Farage who said we would not be leaving the single market.

That was until the result came in and he started claiming we have to leave the single market.

Face it. You were lied to. 

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7 minutes ago, Laughing Gravy said:

have very little to discuss about, 

When most of the things are ok, there is little to discuss.

It was that way before the existence of the E.U., it is now being a part of the E.U..

Will it be the same next year, when the U.K. will be concretely out of the E.U.?

I hope so, but we will have to wait & see.



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I think there is more than a little scaremongering going on in this post and, as is common, blaming issues on IT systems.


Maybe I am oversimplifying this, but free trade with no borders does not mean you can stick anything in a container, bung it on a ship or through a tunnel, take it anywhere in Europe and deliver it and distribute the goods without any IT systems or reams of paperwork. I fail to see a major change as far as IT is concerned.  Goods are scanned and tracked to death for many purposes right now using 'multiple' systems and will continue to be so with additional customs modifications.


Having said that, most governments IT systems have a habit of running very late and spectacularly over budget.


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