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'It'll be carnage': British companies dread a Brexit border breakdown

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1 hour ago, vinny41 said:

Things must be quiet in the remain camp as this topic was discussed 14 months ago on this forum



 That topic was about a no deal Brexit; this one is about the chaos that is more than likely to be caused by the government's inability to provide useful guidance on what paperwork and procedures will be required by UK hauliers and exporters to the EU after the end of the transition period; deal or no.


Obviously, no deal would only make that chaos worse.

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10 minutes ago, Hi from France said:

ven if the UK (or rather Scotland since English fishing quotas already have been sold out) shares its fishing zones, it's over.

So what is Macron's problem then? English fishing quotas sold already. What are the eight coastal fish thieves up in arms about?

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19 minutes ago, Hi from France said:

We only want to be in self control and trade freely with the whole world.


20 minutes ago, Hi from France said:

As to "trading freely" did you read the first post of this thread? 


.. "Trading freely" will be done and over in a few weeks whether directly with the EU or through the 29 FTA the UK had thanks to the EU.


Did you miss the part about "...freely with the whole world"? The EU does not trade freely with the whole world because it is a protectionist bloc.

If trading freely between UK and EU is over in a few weeks the EU only has itself to blame. We will still trade regardless of the Remainer rhetoric, but there will be new rules from January. The extent and impact of those depends on the EU now, but we have left already and won't sign up again to the old EU restrictive rules and regulation that apply to its members.

Remainers, Euros and those with vested interest will continue to play up potential or imagined problems about that trade, as we see in the title of this topic. Why have none of them who complain so much come up with some solutions over the past four years? 


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