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Japanese Teen Achieves Dream of Dating Godzilla

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A 13-year-old girl in Japan has achieved her dream of snagging a date with Godzilla.


Seira Watanabe, who lives in Hyogo Prefecture, has long been a fan of the fictional monster, collecting action figures and mastering its roar.


For this reason, she expressed her desire to date Godzilla to “Knight Scoop,” a television program that grants viewers their wishes — often the most bizarre ones.

“My love is so great that I would like to marry Godzilla,” Watanabe said.


In a recent episode, “Knight Scoop” finally granted Watanabe’s request, sending the teenager to her knees at the sight of Godzilla.


With her grandfather as a chaperon, Watanabe and the monster went out on a date, visiting the Godzilla Museum on Awaji Island.


The pair also shared lunch: a bento pack Watanabe had prepared herself. She gleefully “fed” and offered Godzilla tea.


The date ended with Godzilla waiting on the beach at sunset.

Watanabe gave the monster a hug and a smooch before asking for its hand in marriage. Unfortunately, Godzilla declined her proposal.




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