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Thai PM asks opposition MPs if they know what will happen if he steps down

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Not only Prayut needs to go, but all his geriatric bunch of cronies need gone, then and only then will this country have a chance.

So if he resigns he becomes caretaker PM with no opposition until he forms a new cabinet, which could be never.   That's one hell of a constitution you wrote for yourself there Uncle Tuu.

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Why would anybody think that he is the one in charge ?

He is following orders just like all of them do.


The real question to answer is: Who is really giving the orders ?

[It is not any politician in any country, that's for sure ! Not in Thailand or in any other country for this matter.]

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Make new , real election and Prayut + other clown work there before new coverment start! Like one month after election! That its how it go in "normal" world! Biggest party get PM and start to build capinet whit others!

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52 minutes ago, mr mr said:

prayut knows the power vacuum that stepping down will cause. in this case it is wise to heed his words as his cabinet and government have been the glue keeping thailand together.


stronger together. 

No,   The Thai people are tired if military rule.    The only people who seem to want the military there besides the milady are some yellow shirts.    The glue you speak of is intimidation and threat of violence.  If you think coups are the answer for Thailand, that is an insult to the average Thai. 

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