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Election Commission to file criminal charges against Thanathorn

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31 minutes ago, spidermike007 said:



Hopefully, it will encourage the older folks to shake off their inertia, and get involved, finally.

I think most of the old folk are royalists and have no problem with a Government that maintains the status quo. If they get involved thet'll mostly be wearing yellow shirts.

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Obviously the Election Commission feels that the Democracy/Reform movement needs strengthening and is doing its best to persuade people to get involved.   Move Forward will no doubt be grate

When he is down, really down kick him in the guts, kick him in the head multiple times. You're such a hero Prayuth kicking a man who would have your job.  Your rice bowl under threat?

Keep it up you bunch of clowns, all you are doing is helping the protests grow. It appears that the geriatrics are determined to make  matters worse by going after Thanathorn, what a bunch of sho

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1 hour ago, scorecard said:

I wonder if this comment has partly changed / now 'out of date', if you catch my drift. It certainly is in my family.

It doesnt appear to be the case here in Phuket, where many believe anyone not military or monarchist is a Thaksin supporter (even after all these years his legacy prevails!) but I'd like to think that you're right.

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