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Yikes! Fish with face like a human found in southern Thailand - no one dared to eat it!

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Any scuba diver could have told them it's a "Stargazer." A benthic fish that lies on its stomach submerged in sandy areas with only its upward focused eyes visible. It's an ambush predator.  

Hey, I recognize him!  He was a drunk who hung out on Soi Bukhow.  One day he went to the beach and never came back, no one knows where he went.    

Soon to known as "Pla Ra"

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3 hours ago, webfact said:

Andaman fish expert Dr Thatsaphaphon Krajangdara did manage to throw some light on the discovery saying that it was known as Pla Uk in Thai or Pla Upayak. There were different names in different regions but it was found in both the Gulf and the Andaman and was an important part of marine ecology.

good. lets make sure its dead.


has Colin been on vacation to the ocean lately?

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