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Satisfaction! Buriram man burns his wife's house down after she denies him sex

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Satisfaction! Buriram man burns his wife's house down after she denies him sex   Picture: Daily News   A husband in Thailand's north east has burnt his wife's house down after

Hells teeth, how dare he ask his wife for sex, shocking absolutely shocking that any man should as his wife for sex.😪🤔🤪

You ALWAYS pay for it...

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Man allegedly burns wife's house after being 'denied sex'





A man, 33, allegedly set fire to his wife's house in Buriram province on Sunday night, after she reportedly refused to have sex with him.


The alleged arsonist, Narongchan Paksarom, was arrested by Satuek police. A urine test of the accused reportedly showed traces of narcotics.


The man rode his motorcycle from his residence in Satuek district to his wife’s house located 20 kilometres away at 10.30pm on Sunday.


His wife Ratchaneekorn Yeeram told police that the accused visited her residence with only a towel on his body, and that his words scared her. She decided to refuse his demand and left the house with her children aged 4 and 9.


The man allegedly set fire to the house in anger. Some neighbours told police that he also tried to threaten locals there with his long knife.


Narongchan confessed to police that he had committed the crime in anger because his wife had refused his demand for sex. However, Ratchaneekorn did not believe this excuse. She added that her husband's actions were because of the influence of the narcotics he took.


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30396861



-- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2020-10-27
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6 hours ago, webfact said:

Neighbors said that they had tried to put out the fire but been stopped by Narongchan or Tee who kept them at bay wearing only a loincloth. 

Shouting: me Tarzan you Jane... I burn down the tree house, cry aghhhhh aghhhh aghhh as he fled on the bike.

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5 hours ago, TEFLKrabi said:

Is it an offence to burn down your own house?

It was he's wife's house, he just had a burning desire that he wouldn't let anyone extinguish.

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