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7 years in Thailand

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And I told wife to start applying for PR. We are leaving.    Except I can't bring myself to leave.    I don't wanna sound like one of those posters, but I really didn't come here f

I suppose if I had unlimited finances, I would probably leave. I despise the government and immigration here, and it does feel like the nation is moving backwards. But, considering the fact that I do

Only imagine, sitting on a plane back to Europe, or elsewhere?   When we are getting older, nothing is as it once was.   Sex perhaps once a month? And if so, with chemical help?

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OP, me and my partner are in a similar dilemma to you.


We have lived here 14 years full time and loved it. But things have stagnated and we feel trapped here and limited options. Covid has meant we also lost out from renting out a couple of small condos in Phuket to tourists. 


We are content here...but feel unsure about the future if one of us should become ill for example.


However, going back to UK is not appealing. Listening to the news about the virus there and Brexit, it's unsure about UK's future. 


Our plan was to retire to France or Spain. But that seems not easy now UK has left Europe so we feel a bit lost at the moment.


For you, why do the PR thing at all? It's expensive and time consuming...and I can't see any real benefits to it as it's easy to just do the retirement visa. 

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15 hours ago, Pravda said:

And I told wife to start applying for PR. We are leaving. 


Except I can't bring myself to leave. 


I don't wanna sound like one of those posters, but I really didn't come here for the girls. Maybe this is why I was so lucky never to get ripped off. My life here is what many would consider boring, but for some reason I enjoy it every single day. One of the reasons I wanted to go back is honestly the money is starting to run out. I lost 90% of my income due to covid. Yet every time I think back how f**, *** miserable I was back "home" in Canada I get f***#** miserable. It's a vicious circle. 


So I told wifey we are staying here. She got kinda pd off, but she says as long she's with me she doesn't care where she is. But she's concerned about my health. Healthcare in Canada is "free". Yes that's a good point and pollution here is suckorama but then I start thinking how f$$***# miserable I was I change my mind again. 


For the past month I have spent sleepless nights about moving or not moving. If I do go back I know for sure we both won't be coming back. There is something about this place where among all this misery the life is still not taken too seriously. 


What to do? 

How does PR come into the picture?

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OP - Some things to consider; Do you have property here that can be liquidated for moving funds? (most property here is "family owned" so would/could present issues to sell) Do you have property back in Canada? (if not then you'd be citizen refugees) Are you both too old to live off the grid or do you need a city? (buying land and building your own homestead is not that expensive if done correctly)

If your current occupation is reliant on covid being fixed then you have another 6 months to a year to wait for that.

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When I settled down 19 years ago, I was confident that my ashes would be thrown into the ocean once I'm gone. 


  Now I'm not so sure what the future will be. Thailand has changed a lot, but of course, so have other countries.


And of course, we also change........


 But once the OMS pops in ( Old Marriage Syndrome), the end seems to be near. 

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I don't get it. He's only been here 7 years. He's not mentioned any actual real illness's. The covid has hurt his finances. 


You should be writing this year and next year off. So that means you got 2 years to figure out something new or learn something new. 





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I do not know  , I had a neighbor when I was living back in France , he was a nice guy , always occupied with repair jobs on his big old house and the garden ...

One day he said that he is too old for this now ... he sold everything and moved into an appartment where he had nothing to take care for anymore ... within 3 month , he died ...


When you need help to live your daily life , where will you get the best standard ?

In a home for old people in Canada ?

Or , may be , if you just stay in your home here  and find or employ somebody who looks after you ?


2 minutes ago, Pravda said:


Maybe I am overthinking everything and I should just stay.


BUT I am also worried when me and wife get old. Canada gives free money to people over 65 and also free healthcare. In Thailand it will be hard. I have a place paid off in Canada, so at least housing will not be an issue. For those not familiar with my life story I didn't even grow up in Canada. I am an naturalised citizen, perhaps this is why  I don't feel anything towards the country, just trying to think logically. 


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8 hours ago, Ron jeremy said:

Thailand is no place to get old

canada has clean air and free health care 


And Tim Hortons-Timbits!!!!   Get your skates on Gordy You're going in!   Maple Leafs! take off you Hoser eh!

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