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7 years in Thailand

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17 hours ago, Ron jeremy said:

Thailand is no place to get old

canada has clean air and free health care 


but it's very cold. I like the heat in LOS.

I only left LOS because I ran out of money and can't get the pension there.

Had I been able to get the pension there I'd never have left till I went up the chimney.

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And I told wife to start applying for PR. We are leaving.    Except I can't bring myself to leave.    I don't wanna sound like one of those posters, but I really didn't come here f

Only imagine, sitting on a plane back to Europe, or elsewhere?   When we are getting older, nothing is as it once was.   Sex perhaps once a month? And if so, with chemical help?

I suppose if I had unlimited finances, I would probably leave. I despise the government and immigration here, and it does feel like the nation is moving backwards. But, considering the fact that I do

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7 hours ago, Stevemercer said:

My plan was always to retire to Thailand, stay here for 10 years (age 55 - 65) and then decide whether to stay here or go back to Australia. I'm 60 now.


If I move back to Australia, I want to do so while I am still relatively healthy and mobile. My Thai wife is ex-government so I have free health care while in Thailand. That certainly helps a lot.


Money will be a critical factor when it comes to making the decision. By age 65, I'll be getting close to the financial threshold of whether I can actually afford to start again in Australia (assuming we can't sell our property here in Thailand). My wife is a Thai and Australian citizen, which helps. 


I'm not sure, but I've got a few more years before I have to decide one way or another. Maybe something will happen that will take the decision out of my hands!


Like perhaps much needed progress and noble and competent leadership? I know it is a strange, bizarre and very remote concept here. Hopefully the youth will overcome, and get rid of the super corrupt, deadbeat dinosaurs. 

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8 hours ago, teacherclaire said:

I can't cook, I don't know how to iron my clothes,

If you can use a microwave you are set to go.


I've not ironed my clothes as long as I can remember- hang them up right way after washing and they don't need ironing.


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1 hour ago, spidermike007 said:

Very difficult to say. If I had the finances, would probably spend four or five months of the year based in Spain or Portugal. Good weather, wine, culture, music, art, dance, and great access to the rest of Europe. 


Then, perhaps three or four months here. A month traveling in the US, and the rest of the time traveling around Asia and Europe. 


I do love it here. But, from mid February to about mid June the climate is brutal. And seems to be getting muggier every year. Good time of year to be away, and pleasant weather in Spain or Portugal. 


Thanks for clarifying spidermike007. Appreciate it.


It's obvious that you love Thailand for the reasons stated in your original reply. That makes two of us. With sufficient finances, you would simply expand your scope of travel for personal reasons rather than leaving Thailand permanently. Sounds very sensible to me.


BTW, I always enjoy reading your comments because they are mostly thoughtful, fair and balanced rather than a one-sided and biased Thai-bashing. Thanks!

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2 hours ago, Banana7 said:

1. Food. It's practically impossible to replicate genuine authentic Thai food in Canada, at a reasonable price. Many spices are not available. Fresh fruit and vegetables taste different, even with popular things like bananas. Does she love western food?


All right lets do this. 


She is westernized and Chinese. Food will not be an issue. 


2 hours ago, Banana7 said:

2. Weather. The radically different seasons can test her. Even in southwestern Ontario winter temperatures can drop to -35c. You can't change the weather. Many Thai have come to Canada and left because of the brutal long winters.


Yes. One of my concerns. The funniest thing is she compares Canada to Australia where her sisters live and she assures me she knows cold weather because she experienced - 1 temperature in Canberra. She has trouble getting up at 7am for her job, but she assures me she will wake up at 5 in the morning to work at Walmart. Right. 

2 hours ago, Banana7 said:

3. If she is very attractive, young men maybe attracted to her, and she may prefer them instead of you. If she works, her work mates, may ostracize her for being with you.

No. She is ugly Chinese in her 40's, but in Canada she'd be considered very attractive with her slim figure and bitch face. Lets not forget the sausage fest that is Canada with carer oriented men my age who had it but don't have the courage to leave the country. Yep. It's a concern. 


2 hours ago, Banana7 said:

4. Once she arrives in Canada, she may not want to leave. In that case, you'll have to stay there through the brutal winters. Winter in Thailand is the place to be for old people.


I think it's a given that she will stay in Canada. Her job here is very good, but once she leaves there will be ni more opportunities for women her age in Thailand. 

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17 hours ago, Pravda said:


It's a new thing. The first branch they opened was at Canadian embassy. Now they have it at Samyan Mitrtown (fanciest one). Sacon mall (strange location) and other I never been to. Latte is satisfying. Ice cap is different. Donuts are different. As with every chain in Thailand it is not directly owned by original company.


There is an article about in English back in January from the site we are not allowed to link.

If you wear a Red Wings shirt and say you are Gordie Howe, will they give you free timbits?

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17 hours ago, OneMoreFarang said:

Correct, we all stay young here - at least in our heart.


The tattoo just ruins it for me..take a work of art and "tag" it.....is grandpa catching a nap in the back there??

Wonder what the monk was thinking that tied that string to her wrist?......

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19 hours ago, OneMoreFarang said:

I wouldn't want to go back "home".

Just the weather in reason enough.

But obviously one has to live and the money has to come from somewhere...



Hehehe not so much better there


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