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Editing posts and post numbering system

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Why has the length of time one has to edit one's post been drastically reduced, and what has happened to the numbering system? 


First of all the post number became very diffficult to see - now it has disappeared altogether - very frustrating when trying to refer readers to a previous post in the thread! 

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If you would please take a look at other recent posts in the support desk forum you'll find ThaiVisa recently applied a forum software update (ostensibly to get security patches).  As the current forum software is different enough from the previous version ThaiVisa was running you've noticed the software developers have made 'changes' to the display.


While many of these 'changes' are minor, it will take some time for ThaiVisa users to adapt (or die off). We've been told by the mods that they are working on bringing some of the old on-screen links back, but it may take a while (customizations can make forum support a bit tricky). 

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