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PM says Opposition has forgotten the massive corruption during Pheu Thai administration

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And what about your promise to fight corruption? I doubt if you remember back this far, but when you and your clowns launched a coup, it was ostensibly to restore law and order, which you accomplished

So because he claims there was corruption before, it does not excuse his crowd of doing the same.....2 wrongs dont make things right.

respect is a two way street and not a means to control how someone thinks ... just because someone is older it doesnt necessarily mean they are right and should'nt be questioned ... the youth are fina

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57 minutes ago, webfact said:

the party’s “parliamentary dictatorship”, using their majority control of the parliament to push their political agenda.


That is absolute comedy gold ! Parliamentary dictatorship 🤣


What a clown.

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20 minutes ago, Surelynot said:

It's the good old.....Not as bad as Hitler......defense.....works everytime.

You could sail a submarine or two through that defence, its holes are so big. 

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“If there had been no coup back then, would there have had a riot?  Have you forgotten what you did that caused the chaos and corruption?  You seem to have a short memory,” said the Prime Minister.


Has he conveniently forgotten that the protests by the opposition, in other words his supporters, instigated the political instability in the early 2010s?

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