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Pattaya – fighting to survive its Covid crisis

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These stories are good.....To remind people that the destroyed lives will be 1,000 times worse than a disease with a 99.8 recovery rate..... 

When you actually think about that  - 50% closed - you realise the impact of this total nonsense. When the historians look back at this, they will condemn the governments of the world for the near des

I completely agree. They should be writing about the positive affects of covid. Instead of 27,000-30,000 sex workers out of work they should write, "30,000 families, moms and children reunited" or "La

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So far your videos have been recorded in the best parts of Bangkok and Pattaya which give the impression everything is thriving without need for  foreign tourists. Good so no need for building anymore Condo or other accommodation to be purchased by foreigners who should be discouraged from coming to or investing in Thailand

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The junta has been trying, or pretending to try, to give the area a make over since it ceased power in 2014.   Looks like the virus will do that for them.   If they could stop dumping raw sewage into the water, that would be a great improvement.  

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3 minutes ago, thailand49 said:

Just open up to the world sad to have to go to such extreme video drink buying it is like phone sex got to feel sorry for these guys who are stuck outside playing with themselves not getting to smell or touch 🥳the product.🤑🤣

They wouldn't anyway, by far the biggest number of views are from India.

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