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Ipad pro in action.

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As I always trying to get new experience be it going to Egypt or buying new toy I bought me this expensive toy hoping this particle pro means

something. Well, big disappointment--nothing was wrong with old Ipad. 

I was hoping that new connector will help me to connect regular USB Hub pro and use Ipad pro as regular computer as Youtube videos claimed.

Unfortunately its easy to claim but to date I am lost.

Anybody  try use regular movie files on Ipad?

Please help. 

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Links to Youtube  are numerous and misleading. I figured out if I manage computer without being computer literate same should apply to Ipad. Yes, I follow Youtube video to the letter and success is zero.

Admittedly my movies files are all different types plus I use Dvdfab for converting or Dvdfab 6 player for computer. Yes, I dont like complicated  things.

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Apple's iOS is a closed system done to protect the users from Internet harm, or protect Apple's stranglehold on things it can sell for profit is another way to look at it. 


If you want to download your own videos and view them on the iPad the best way to do that would be to download them using a PC or MAC, then 'host' the files so they're available for playback by any device on your local network. There are plenty of solutions that would work to allow iOS devices like the iPad to play LAN-based videos hosted on a PC.


Otherwise, there may still be iOS apps out there, like Popcorn Time, that allow direct downloads but apple has a habit of cutting off apps that go against their terms of service (apps breaking copyrights. or going around Apple's other restrictions).


Personally, if you strive for simple and proven, find someone already doing it and ask them to set up the same for you. That's the only way to be sure you get what you think you want. 

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Yes, I will try something but most likely will buy Samsung 12in tablet and my son will laugh at me after having Ipad pro for free.

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