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Roojai.com will not be able to renew your policy

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Roojai will not insure my truck anymore and they give as reason "we are unable to provide cover for car more than 20 years". I have paid all my premiums over the years and have never claimed anything. This company is almost on a daily basis on TV website and it feels like an insult to be rejected because my truck is older than 20 years (it still runs great, as it is basically indestructible!). It is not a classic at all, and will never become one either. I am very aware we are living in Thailand and these things happen.


My question: Where can still I insure my truck? What does the standard government insurance cover, in case of an accident?

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Standard insurance (with registration) only covers minimal 3rd party bodily injury. If you bash into a Lambo or Rot Benz then you'll be liable for 3rd party property damage. Best to find some appropriate insurance or get a newer vehicle that can be covered. I insured my motorcycle first class coverage with www.aainsure.net. Ask them what they can offer you. Personally if I was "up-country" in rural areas then I'd just go with minimal insurance. In Bangkok where there are too many expensive cars I feel safer with full coverage - just in case of collision with another vehicle.

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