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COVID's cognitive costs? Some patients' brains may age 10 years

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2 hours ago, BritManToo said:

Last week, Thai Bil (age 52) dropped almost dead in the street (in a coma) ........ forgot his BP medicine, burst blood vessel.

Last month, auntie (age 72) dropped dead in her garden, suspected heart failure.

3 months back, cousin (late 40s) died of cancer, they'd be whittling her away for the past 5 years.

Last summer my best pal (aged 59) died of AIDS, he'd been in hospital for a year.

A bit further back Dave2 (age 70) a member on this forum found rotting in his room, history of strokes.


If you want to expand your 9 months to 5 years, I could probably list 20 deaths of people I know.

As you get older (60+) its a race to the graveyard.


I'll probably die of cancer in the next year, doubt I'll last another 2.


How many deaths do you need?


Now that you understand the necessity of collecting data for the same period of time, it's time to introduce the concept of statistical significance.  Your personal sample, while no doubt vivid to yourself, is too small to use as a basis for extrapolation to population size.  The former director of the US CDC stated in Aug. that Covid was by then the third leading cause of death in the US.  Since the UK's 671 Covid deaths per million is only slightly less than the US's 684 Covid deaths per million, the Covid probably has a similar ranking among causes of death in the UK.

Between your anecdotal report and the estimates of professional biostatisticians I'll go with the latter.





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