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PM insists he will not resign, saying he is not going to ‘abandon the country during crisis’

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I understand that people don't think Prayut is perfect. Yes, correct.

But please compare the current government with the time when the fugitive and his little sister were in charge.

At that time we had all the time scandals and it was obvious that Thaksin worked mostly for Thaksin and his family, and he used Thailand to enrich himself. And he did that so obvious that many people were upset and demonstrated against him.


Now compare this with the current situation. Was there any major scandal with Prayut? The biggest scandal which I remember was the guy with all the watches. Bad, but not half as bad as many of Thaksin's scandals.


And since Prayut is in charge we don't see any red mob on the streets anymore. That's great news.


If people want a better PM, fine. Fight corruption and vote for decent honest people. If people would do that then Thailand would have a better government and a better PM. But instead most Thais vote again and again for the same corrupt politicians. And then they are surprised that they are governed by those corrupt politicians they votes for. TiT.

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I thought it was a rule of nature in Thailand, when a ship is about to sink, the captain is the first to escape. 

Well you gotta hand it to Prayut, at least he has a sense of humour.😜😪🤔 The comment made by him should have read...... I will not run away from problems i created.

Helping the poor? Steven, you do come out with some unbelievable rhetoric at times but even you must surely realise that helping the poor is not on Prayut's agenda!

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2 minutes ago, fishtank said:

Made life a hell of a lot worse for the majority of the people.

In which way?

2 minutes ago, fishtank said:

This clown is up there with Robert Mugabe, Hitler, Gaddafi etc.

Really? Is it possible that you have no idea about those dictators. Or was it something they told you in one of those red mob meetings.

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6 minutes ago, herfiehandbag said:

Except that, no matter who the Thai's vote for, corrupt or not, they actually get who the military (who are beholden to the super wealthy) decide will govern them.

Some time ago people voted for Thaksin - or his party.

And Thaksin was in charge for several years.

And I am pretty sure Thaksin could be still in charge if he would have worked for all Thais and Thailand instead of enriching himself. Many people got upset and finally there was the coup. And many people supported that coup.

If Thaksin would have worked for Thailand and not his own pocket then I don't think that coup would have happend. And just in case it would have happened the masses would not have supported the coup.

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5 minutes ago, ThailandRyan said:

Yet not one person would have voted for Prayut had he not self elected himself by conducting the Coup, and creating laws that protect himself and his cadre.  Tell me I am wrong

You are wrong.

Prayut was one of the available bad options. There was no good option.

Lots of people want stability and not violent red mobs on the street. That is one big reason why many voted for him.

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Can someone translate the first page with comments to Thai, print it,  and send it to Prayut?






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