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At the level taught in school there is frankly very little difference - mainly some vocabulary (candy/sweets, shop/store) and most of the words are interchangable. Many of the textbooks I have seen an

Oh my God, you taught English.

This seems to be a recurring concern to the British and the Americans, even if the Thai's couldn't care less.  I taught in Thai high schools for 17 years.  It is 50 - 50.  If the only problem you have

44 minutes ago, bradiston said:

Do you mean depending on from whom the books are purchased?

Yes also the teacher's home country.


There really is no standard or curriculum.  It all depends on what boos the school buys

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I figure - if I heard it correctly  - its called pigeon or better pidjin English; spoken by all

and understood by few. That's pretty good since a lot of teachers weren't borne in an

English speaking couintry...........

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