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My family & I do a quiz together every Sunday evening connecting Thailand, UK, Dubai, Cyprus and USA. We use Power Point to present the questions or photos or music.

Up to now we have used Zoom quite successfully, but there is a 40 minute limit, so then we all log in again.

Someone has suggested we try Microsoft Teams, which I have now installed on my PC and my phone, but cannot get them to communicate.

Anyone had experience with these two, or other platforms which would be suitable please?

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5 minutes ago, jackdd said:

If you don't need any other features besides a video call, then Google Hangouts could be an alternative.

I think Hangouts has finished, replaced by Google Duo.

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1 hour ago, OneMoreFarang said:

Have you considered paying for Zoom which you and your family used successfully? 

No !

And you have not answered my question, Zoom or Teams IF you have experience of using them

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