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Phuket police confirm new traffic fines to start Nov 1

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How will fines for any of the moving violations listed be enforced?


Has anyone here ever seen the police pull over a car, truck or motorbike for a moving violation in Phuket? That would require the police to follow the violator in a vehicle and pull them over to issue a fine.


In all my years in Phuket, I've not seen one instance of a citation being issued anywhere except a roadblock/checkpoint, and those citations would only be for non-moving violations (no helmet, no license, etc).

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8 hours ago, richard_smith237 said:


There were huge issues in Bangkok - the bike lanes were a great idea, then Thai-ness slipped into the fray.


Vendors placed their food carts in the bike lanes, cars parked in them. Due to a lack of enforcement before long the sense of entitlement slipped in that the bike lanes could be used for almost anything else except cycling !!!! 


A great initiative poorly executed and poorly policed - they are all but non existent now.

(This was in Bangkok, I’m not aware of any Bike Lanes in Phuket)








No money to make on cyclist, cars motorbikes on the other hand sell well and the drivers/passengers tops it up with filling up hotels, shopping centers/ and not to forget hospitals. Great when have shares both in the service industry, car manufactures and hospitals.😉

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only issue i have is ambulance and police cars, tell the drivers to just use the sirene and lights when on emergency call and not when they on the way to 7/11. and train them driving, if on emergency call you have right of way, so go for it, there are injured people who need you.

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13 hours ago, J Town said:

Didn't the head cheese recently announce no more traffic stops throughout Thailand?

I think what he said was no more Road Blocks

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2 hours ago, Patriot said:

How’s about a few hundred baht for those who have paint sprayed over their rego plates to avoid speed cameras. 😊

Or the green taxi plates where the white fades, making reading the plates impossible.

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