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Schoolgirl slapped for not standing up during national anthem

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Yes definitely assault and should be charged , there is no excuse for this kind of thing in modern society .

Another peace loving Royalist betraying their brainwashed mindset.

Aside from the fact that standing during a National anthem should be a matter of personal choice, given the law allows such freedoms, the woman in red has no right to do anything, other than possibly

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This is an isolated indecent, been here many, many years and this is the first time i read about such behavior, and because of one idiot, it should stay in the realm of stupid deeds that many people do everyday some worse than others...

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2 minutes ago, brewsterbudgen said:

They play the Royal Anthem, not the National Anthem, in cinemas.  A few years ago, everyone stood.  Now, not so many!

It sounds like the same song in the cinema as they play at 8am & 6pm on the telly.

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