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US Consulate Diplomatic Pouches

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Hi all,


Does anyone know how often, or on what schedule the US Consulate sends home its diplomatic pouches ?


I had the misfortune of having DHL lose my election ballot in transit.  I consequently defaulted to dropping my new ballot at the Consulate ~10 days ago. However, state tracking on my ballot shows it’s not been received yet.

Yes, it could be the USPS, but it could also be the slow-ish actions of our Consulate.  (And no, I have not contacted them - yet).


I’m getting antsy...

Anyone with some info on this, please reply!


Thanks so much.

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Every post is different. But 2 - 3 weeks would not be unusual.  Especially in current environment.



Contacting Consulate would be no help.  They drop it in a box, after that out of their hands.





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The U.S. Consulate previously stated October 1st was the last possible day to assure delivery of ballots to the respective Boards of Election in different States. 10 days ago was 18 October. Way too late unfortunately.

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Thanks for the grim final word on this.  I didn’t know.


After a overlong, fruitless DHL search for my ballot packet, they finally declared it lost.  


As I’m unable to cast an emergency backup vote in my state (no FAX or emails allowed - only mailed from TH ballots), I  took it to the Consulate per my party representative’s recommendation.


The fact that they were still accepting ballots left me to believe that  my last-ditch effort might still work... I wasn’t aware of the Oct. 1 deadline.


Now I have to accept the fact that sending my vote by courier more than a month early was fruitless.


Boy, this hurts!


But now I know.  Thanks.





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