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Turkey to take legal, diplomatic steps against French caricature of Erdogan

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1 hour ago, herfiehandbag said:

"Charlie Hebdo'" is a scurrilous, abusive, disgraceful gutter publication, not even fit for wrapping a kebab with.


Jolly funny though.


Je suis Charlie!

I agree and disagree with each part of your comments in equal measures.

Bloody brilliant!!



PS;  Would you believe I tried to find/insert a "Muslim" emoji  instead of the one I used but TV do not appear to have one!

Tut Tut, what discrimination!!

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3 hours ago, KannikaP said:

They obviously have nothing like Spitting Image on Turkish TV!

Do they have either comedy, satire or God forbid even uncensored TV in that supposedly "secular" country?

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So Turkey needs to blow the big French banana flute and shut the h up. Nobody gives a rats rse about Mohamed except brainwashed Muslims. If you can call it a religion, it is based on hatred and killing and rape and condones pedophilia. Yuck!

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