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Covid 19 Insurance for COE

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My wife having just returned to Thailand, its time to start thinking about how/when we will next see each other.  So far I've been put off by the cost and the quarantine time - the latter is very difficult for me as I would normally only stay 2 weeks but to do that would mean taking 1 month off in the current conditions.


Anyway, as my Mrs endured 2 weeks home quarantine in the UK and is currently half way through her 2 weeks in Thailand - with no sign of anything changing, I'm probably going to have to visit her next time. I would also like to check out my house - a couple of weeks ago during the flooding, I was watching a live video of a rescue team going down my road in a BOAT!


When I previously looked into the costs - the insurance was a big factor. I was quoted 40,000 baht (sadly I'm no longer in my twenties 😀).  That was a while back and very few companies were offering Covid insurance then plus, all the ones I contacted required long term stay in Thailand - over 6 months. The cover was also for 12 months.


I understand that more companies are now offering Covid 19 insurance that complies with the conditions of COE. I will be staying for 4 weeks in total, possibly 6. Does anyone know of a company that offers such insurance at a reasonable cost or is there a list somewhere?

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On 10/28/2020 at 11:47 PM, KhaoYai said:

When I previously looked into the costs - the insurance was a big factor. I was quoted 40,000 baht


Have a look through this thread (insurance mentioned a couple of times):


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1 hour ago, PhilsterBKK said:

I'm in the same boat.  I just need enough to cover me until my VISA renewal.  Any luck finding a better price?

Yes, way cheaper. I found this during a forum search:




I'm not sure how long I'll be staying but I've heard of people having problems if their insurance doesn't cover the whole period that they are stamped in for.  So, as I'll be stamped in for 90 days, I'll purchase cover for 90 days, regardless of the fact that I won't be staying that long.  The above company has several time periods.

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