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Retirement Visa: Requirements, Limitations, Effect on Current Nation's Residency

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7 minutes ago, peeglen said:

Hi, any chance you could PM one to me as well? I'm mulling the use of a Non O-A for next year's vacation and I'm not sure about the medical insurance aspect of it.

Thanks, Glen

> PM sent and you are welcome.

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That was the most helpful information I've read in a month of Sundays. Thanks for taking the time to put together such a well thought out  and written document.

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1 hour ago, Dragonboat Ronin said:

Peter D, Dr J, Ubon Joe: all outstanding info. Inclined to ask if you folks are compensated for the guidance you provide here. If not, you should be; the info is valuable. Salutes.

Hi, I am not a moderator or in any way associated with the ThaiVisa Forum but as a relative newbie (I am only 3 years in Thailand) seasoned members like UbonJoe, Tanoshi and other regular posters were very helpful in answering any questions I had and providing me with all the information needed to navigate the Thai Visa jungle.  So I am now just 'returning the favor' for the benefit of those in need of correct information on Thai Visa matters...

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15 hours ago, Dragonboat Ronin said:

My nation is USA. Also asking for friends from Canada.


For the US, the answer to your questions 2) and 3) is NO. I expect also for Canada.



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19 hours ago, DrJack54 said:

That's correct. Not sure re Canadians. 

However it's simple process to enter Thailand (when borders open) and obtain non o inside Thailand. 

One slight hitch. I'm guessing you haven't been to Thailand much and perhaps don't have Thai bank account. 

One requirement is to show funds in Thai bank that has come from overseas. 

If you don't have existing Thai bank account perhaps consider enter on tourist visa that gives you more time. 

However a visa exempt entry can be extended by 30 days so it's possible to do it that way also.

The nonsense insurance was referring to requirement for obtaining Non O-A.

This guy can give you good advice on options. @Peter Denis


Huh?  I thought all the insurance was great value and covered everything...

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A post lowering the tone of this discussion and replies removed. Please save those sort of comments for The Pub Forum. It appears that the OP now has sufficient information. so to prevent this topic 'descending' further I will close it. If OP wishes to re-open for more information then he can make a request.  CLOSED

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