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Buying a 5TB hard drive abroad, and having it posted to Thailand, what customs duty will I have to pay?

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11 minutes ago, Oldie said:

If you want to boot from a 5 TB drive with the old BIOS you will be out of luck. You can if you are willing to use only about 2 TB of the disk and forget the other 3 TB. The problem is that for booting it uses MBR which cannot address more space than about 2 TB. 


Why would I want to boot from an external HDD ?

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Lazada isn't good enough? 3,350bht .........  https://www.lazada.co.th/products/wd-my-passport-5tb-red-usb-30-hdd-25-wdbpkj0050brd-wesn-internal-harddisk-harddrive-i627326845-s1198182447.htm

Seagate and Western Digital hard drives are made in Thailand   you can buy them from a shop like JIB on Lazada cash on delivery, no fakes arrives in a couple of days  no worries about  customs or gett

Like as mentioned above, Lazada has all kinds of HD. For these sorts of things it often costs more to buy them abroad when you add up shipping plus duty plus tax. The courier often will add some fees

2 minutes ago, Techno Viking said:


Why would I want to boot from an external HDD ?

The OP didn't write that he is looking for an external hard drive. 

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3 hours ago, KannikaP said:

That then depends on your age and health status which determines how much time you have on this Earth to watch old TV series and/or play PC games..

You a lot busier in retirement than you were during your working life? I suppose you can just lie there in your hospital bed staring at the ceiling or you can pull out your laptop or tablet and watch The Departed again or replay one of your saves in Call Of Duty or Skyrim. I'll take the latter options, thanks. Or would posting gloom & doom on ThaiVisa be preferable?😅 Will that take up all your time? It might, to judge from the output of some old farts here.


'Course, to follow your Just In Case fallacy, you might be blind or paralyzed at any age, no? Suddenly, too. The idea is that you have a large selection to choose from whenever you do have time and physical capability. It's comparable to owing a library of favorite books. You will never read all of them again, but it's nice to have them there when you get the urge to revisit any of them in particular. Or simply for having them, old friends, as reminders.🙂

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