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Thanathorn, former FWP leaders to be tried over protest

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Provokation, escalation, violence, crackdown, coup. The grand opera of dinosaurs clinging on power. So obvious, so predictable, so mendacious, so selfish, and, so sad for Thailand.   

Nothing like silencing the opposition, and those that are trying to do the right thing and take back the country from those that have driven the good ship Thailand aground.  Sad to see that the PPRP w


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3 minutes ago, sammieuk1 said:

Anyone charged with firing water cannons at unarmed protesters yet 🤔🖖 Thanathorn for PM.

Not going to happen

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9 minutes ago, mtls2005 said:

their participation in the German Embassy gathering.  minions who protested earlier that same day/venue are apparently not subject to the same "laws"?

It was also "interesting"  to see  how all the Thai news channels covering that event (yes every channel that I looked at)  switched to recorded footage   of that "Bim" bloke  ( who raised loads of money for charities )  resigning from  his position  instead of letting the viewers hear the  protesters read out their letter that was delivered to the ambassador,  there was a  split screen  muted protesters reading their letter.


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