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Three dead as woman beheaded in knife attack at French church

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1 hour ago, Thorgal said:


In short, you promote laicism and secularism against jihadi terrorism.


When you live in France, you don't need to promote Laicité and Secularism . You have to abide by our Constitution and Laws above all, (no individual or group may use their origin or religion to exempt themselves from the common rule)/


- 1789: France abolishes the crime of blasphemy

-1880: Jules Ferry lays the foundations for free secular schools - (There should be no overlap between priest and teacher - schoolchildren be taught that all philosophical ideas are subject to scrutiny  by reason and science)

In 1905, the adoption of the law on the separation of church and state introduced the principle of a strict separation between the private and public spheres (Religion is private matter)  

1946: Secularism enters the Constitution - (prohibition of political and religious propaganda in schools)

2004: Ban on wearing conspicuous religious symbols in schools


It's as simple as that,  anti-France foreign political agenda on these matters are the reason causing these repeated terror attacks since years, if not decades.


We, French know where we come from, there is no way for France to return back to 1789, and bend to superstition and ignorance.  

Don't agree ? There are better choices for you on the Planet.      




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Lets not let incidents like this distract everyone from France's commitment to diversity and inclusion, a powerful and ambitious approach to making France, and the world, a better, and safer, place. R

How many heads would have to get chopped off before you show any kind of resentment?    These are not lone wolf isolated incidents ,  as numerous people were involved in the teachers beheading 

What they are pushing for is for France to adopt a blasphemy law. You can always submit to the Muslim World, today for cartoons, tomorrow for gender equality,  may girls sit next to boys in class

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On 11/9/2020 at 4:06 PM, El Matador said:


That is where the real problem is.

The terrorists are a very tiny percentage.

But there is a big group inside the muslim community who finds violence and death as perfectly normal for infidels although they don't practise it personally.

And the most violent people are among the the youngest generation unfortunately because the salafi approach of the Islam has been spread by Saudi Arabia in the last decades with a mountain of petrodollars.



Yes, exactly.


The German government throws MILLIONS every year to "combat right wing extremism" (which is a TINY part of the population, and there are no more than a few thousand actual Neo Nazis or whatever you want to call them), but where is all that money to combat double digit percentages of RelOfPeacers, who think violence and terrorist attacks against the unbeliever are ok? Because that's WAY more than a few thousand. We're talking millions of people PER Western country...


As for Thor and his "secularism" and "laicism" (which arguably is the same/very similar anyway)... No, that is not what I promote at all. Because that's what THEY promote, so long as they're in the minority. They promote secularism, freedom of religion, minority protection rights (even priviledges, in some cases), so long as there aren't that many of them. If they're the majority, they don't promote these things anymore, with only some exceptions (and even there you could argue, that while the state in theory guarantees certain things, reality is different). Take Pakistan? Someone accuses you - as a non believer - of blasphemy? You're as good as dead. Someone kidnaps your daughter, forces her to convert and marries her off to some relative? Tough <deleted>. Sure, they made a law forbidding it. But the enforcement of that law, is a different story. Plus they can always fall back on calling you a blasphemer...


Take Saudi Arabia. Not as "bad" as Pakistan, right? Ask those poor Philippinos working there, often being treated like slaves. The men (often chauffeurs and the like) face beatings and what not, by their "master". The women (house keepers etc.) face sexual assaults, rape, beatings (both from the "master" and from the "mistress" - who is probably angry that her husband is "enjoying himself"), etc. Even countries who used to be secular are heading more towards extremism. Malaysia. Turkey. Indonesia, to some degree, etc.


Everywhere with massive Muslim minorities you also face problems. Thailand (albeit it's been somewhat quiet this last decade or so), Philippines, Kosovo, the list goes on and on.


Africa even worse. The vast majority of military conflicts (esp. civil wars) are being fought between Muslims and non Muslims (and sometimes between Muslim denominations). But they involve them. Sometimes even between Non Muslims and Muslim immigrants/their offspring (Cote D'Ivoire is a prime example, where the North was flooded with Muslim migrants some time back, and resulted in civil war later on; same for Kosovo, which was NOT Albanian majority a couple generations ago), etc...


No. I promote a tough line. Spout anti democratic rethoric, call for Sharia, etc. then it should be "Good bye, see you never!". I don't care how much Green party etc want to whine about discrimination and how you can't take away their citizenship. I lost mine (Austrian), for a law I didn't even know that it existed. Yet I was born here. Almost all my family (with some exceptions on the grnadparents side, as they're mostly Saxons and a handful of South Tyroleans) are from here. Why is it okay for me to have my citizenship taken away, when my "crime" had nothing to do with wanting to harm anyone, democracy/the constitution etc. yet it's not okay when it's someone who essentially calls for the overthrow of such things, for active discrimination (Sharia includes Jizyah Tax, and you do not have certain rights and priviledges etc)??



FINALLY they want to make laws like that here, making political Islam illegal (although I would argue that the whole "religion" is more of a mixture between a religion and a political ideology), proposing a law to take away the citizenship of radicals/terrorists, but on the downside - as I suspected, and it pisses me off even more - they also want to toughen gun laws AGAIN.


WHy??? The guy used an illegally purchased gun, illegally purchased ammunition, etc. Automatic firearms are class A here (Class A = weapons of war), and it is next to impossible to legally own Cat. A firearms, unless you're an international arms dealers, certified by the state. Why are the legal gun owners always the ones getting f+*ked over, for stuff done by terrorists (whether they're White European Nationalists/Nazis, or a Muslim, or whatever)and other morons?!?!?

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