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52% of Chiang Mai’s expats thinking of leaving - survey

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" 52% of Chiang Mai’s expats thinking of leaving "   oh goody  !   clear out the miserable gits and make way for those who appreciate Thailand for what it is. 

Not me, I'm not thinking of leaving.   "This figure increases to almost 65% among the 15-45 years’ age group; this group is a major contributor to the local economy, most being businesspeopl

Oh Steven, i despair sometimes, if they cleared out all of us ( in your words ) miserable gits, who would be left for you to have a go at?

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16 hours ago, jko said:

While I personally don't care much whether other expats decide to stay or leave, I think it's great that this pollution problem is being brought to the highest levels of Chiang Mai government.  I was wondering whether tourists and the economy was brought up and it was (below excerpt).  Let's hope this spurs the government to do "something" as this March/April air pollution disaster every year really s*cks.  


[We highlighted the fact that a major proportion of the international community, including long stayers, tourists and foreign investors were seriously considering leaving Chiang Mai due to the worsening smoke haze and that this would have a serious detrimental effect on the local economy. We further asked, and the governor kindly agreed, that the international community be provided with more advice, news and updates about air quality in Chiang Mai.”]



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16 hours ago, BritManToo said:

You're joking right, you find a friendly company, get a work permit as an 'office manager' then sell insurance/real estate, or do whatever other dodgy business you want. Open a bar, or a restaurant, etc.

You are greatly mistaken. 


Illegal activities bring more money into Thai coffers than pensioners. 

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3 minutes ago, Pravda said:

You are greatly mistaken. 

Illegal activities bring more money into Thai coffers than pensioners. 

I agree, but it has to be external money, not recirculated Thai money.

Chinese 'tourists' bring suitcases full of foreign currency to launder in with them ...... which is why the Thai government is so keen to let them back in as their visitors of choice.


I sincerely doubt there's any white 'business' guys aged 20-45 in Chiang Mai worth having here.

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46 minutes ago, cardinalblue said:

Air pollution will decrease future expats of re-locating to CM...

Most of the current aging expats especially on a fixed pension have really very limited options of escaping the AP...they have family and/or lack of funds  or both to uproot full or even part time...


Many financially viable expats seem to opt from 1-3 months (feb - May) to other desired places whether inside or outside of Thailand...


10 years from now, there will be very few expats remaining during the increasing AP season (the combination of moving here less, re-location during AP, dying off due to natural causes and those whose deaths were premature due to AP exposure)...


Most expats (not the apologists) are smart enough to understand the devastating effects of AP on the respiratory system - acute and chronic...


Agree with that. Ignoring air pollution is really living in denial. Solutions:

- Skipping the North during Feb-May as mentioned above.

- Leaving altogether.

- Staying indoors throughout most of the day with a good purifier during this period if this kind of experience is agreeable with you.

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It won’t change, it will only get worse. 
You will die earlier if you stay there, your kids lungs will be damaged worse than a smokers, you will be angry and depressed, you will cough a lot and some days your eyes will sting. Your car, house, clothes and stuff will be constantly covered in a film of filth.  Exercise and sport is actually bad for your health sucking in millions of small particles everyday.
Chiang Mai isn’t fit for human habitation for six months of the year, that is the reality. 

Natai Beach in southern Phangnga this morning is in the green as always. Air pollution sitting on a minuscule 5 currently. The air here is so clean deep breaths actually clean and detox your lungs. The ocean has clear water. The tetsabaan is the best in Thailand.

Only the trees complain down here, because there isn’t enough carbon dioxide for them, the air being so clean. 

Even if the northern Thais stopped burning completely, which won’t happen, there will still be high pollution levels blowing over from Myanmar and Laos. 


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7 minutes ago, cardinalblue said:

I can understand not listening to foreigners whine but why are there not protests by the native local population? Why so zombie-like response? It’s a maddening human rights violation!

The local population just don't care.

I live in a middle class gated community surrounded by open fields.

Many of the residents just throw plastic bags full of rubbish and builders rubble over the wall into the fields.

They don't care what they do or who they affect, not my place to tell them how to behave.

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They can leave all they want, but just don't replace them with Chinese as life in CM is happy without the oodles of them crawling and gawking about everywhere. For me CM is my home until the government kicks me out of I pass away.

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I would say a lot of us expats retired and married  with family

Have already invested most of our money in a house  ect

So could proberly not afford to move out the country

A few expats will no doubt have amoan about wanting to relocate when in fact its mostly talk

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15 hours ago, Don Chance said:

Cambodia, Laos, Nepal, India same problem. A disaster really. Pollution is really unhealthy: dementia, cancer, stroke, heart attack, lung problem etc. Those micro particle don't come out, they get stuck in your lungs for ever!

Better off in South Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia outside of the monsoon.

Real question is what will it be like in 20 years?  Will it keep on getting worse and worse?

Indonesia? The country that fills up the region with smoke every year for four months?


Not for me.

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