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Britain says it is doing everything it can to avoid national lockdown

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Britain says it is doing everything it can to avoid national lockdown

By Sarah Young and Kate Holton



People wearing protective face masks walk across Westminster Bridge, during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, in London, Britain, October 22, 2020. REUTERS/Henry Nicholls


LONDON (Reuters) - Britain will do everything it can to avoid ordering a second national COVID-19 lockdown because it believes it will do more harm than good to the country, a minister said on Thursday.


Coronavirus cases are surging in every region of Britain, which suffered the worst death toll in Europe and the deepest contraction of any G7 leading economy after it delayed a lockdown when the first wave of the pandemic hit in March.


But as France and Germany ordered new national closures, housing minister Robert Jenrick said the British government's clear policy was to use the tough local restrictions that were recently imposed on swathes of northern England.


"The judgement of the government today is that a blanket national lockdown is not appropriate, would do more harm than good," he told Times Radio.


"Although it does have some advantages, it also brings with it great harm to people's lives and livelihoods, real damage to the economy ... and a lot of harm to broader health and wellbeing."


The government's approach to tackling the virus is kept under review, however, Jenrick said.


After a lull in the summer, the virus started to spread again in September and an Imperial College study published on Thursday showed cases doubling every nine days, with nearly 100,000 people infected in England each day.


Some scientists say more drastic restrictions should be brought in but the government is battling to keep the economy open after output plunged by 20% in the second quarter and public debt rose above 2 trillion pounds.


Steven Riley, author of the Imperial College study, told BBC Radio that Britain should act sooner rather than later and David Nabarro, a WHO special envoy, said he was surprised and disturbed by how quickly the virus was surging across Europe.


The main concern now, he said, was to prevent hospitals from filling up with COVID-19 cases because that would lead to a rise in unrelated deaths. British data showed there were 9,520 patients in hospital with COVID, the highest level since May 14.


"That's where I think that the big risk lies now," Nabarro told the BBC.



-- © Copyright Reuters 2020-10-29
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While I still suspect there is something everyone is missing about this geographical region, given its lack of Covid spread, the Thai authorities did curb movement sufficiently to eradicate it. The neighbours did too.

The UK was down to the low hundreds a day after being 20 times that, and relaxed and opened its doors just a bit too early. Then didn't appreciate what was happening until too late.

With winter approaching I see the whole of Europe and the US having a very miserable few coming months.

Glad I am not the one making the calls to be honest on how to deal with what they have now.

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"National lockdown would do more harm than good"

What Boris is trying to say in his bumbling is the Government does not want to take any responsibility for the fallout whatever happens,

Similar to the other blonde clown across the pond

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Johnson cannot lockdown now.....he and his ministers have torn that theory into shreds time and time again.


Starmer laid the bear trap when he advocated lockdown as opposed to whack a mole.


If whack a mole fails we are looking at a very humiliating climb down...and lockdown

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The damage is unthinkable.  I used to be able to buy jam every third Sunday from the hours of 11 to 11:40 outside the town hall.  But now due to covid this is impossible.

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This was in the news this morning:


Boris Johnson is preparing to introduce national lockdown restrictions from next Wednesday The restrictions could see everything except nurseries, schools, universities and non-essential shops close until Dec 1

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On 10/29/2020 at 6:17 PM, 2530Ubon said:

Why is it that when China locked down, they eliminated the virus. Daily cases there are under 30 each day. New Zealand - eliminated the virus too. Cases under 5 a day.


Perhaps doing a real lockdown, not ending the lockdown early and locking down flights in and out of the country would be the way to go. What were they thinking, allowing people to go on holiday to countries with COVID and flying back in. AND letting people come into the UK without going into a mandatory quarantine - there was no way to ensure people stayed at home after arriving.


Conclusion - half measures don't work. The Chinese may have come off as a little extreme, but their economy is doing well and the virus has been contained.

Hasn't air travel, both in and out, basically been open throughout the whole pandemic period? I heard even when Iran was going through their virus surge in the Spring, there were regularly scheduled BA flights between London and Tehran...this couldn't have helped.

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