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Tests find French woman did not contract Covid-19 in Samut Prakan hotel

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22 hours ago, snoop1130 said:

He said tests showed the woman had contracted the infection 17 days earlier, which rules out the Samut Prakan hotel.


Maybe someone with more knowledge on this can come along and explain...but...


From what I know about the various testing procedures, I don't know of any info they would get in any test result that would somehow allow them to pinpoint on exactly what date 2+ weeks earlier she might have contracted the virus.....


I just don't think it works that way!!!


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Remarkable ! Thai testing can point to the date you got infected ? Could she not have contracted it AFTER leaving quarantine ? Or is it more towards keeping the "Covid free Thailand " image

What happened to  she was Thai with a  French passport   ???

17 days, 6hours and 19 seconds earlier.   

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1 minute ago, Oliver Holzerfilled said:

The article claims she was in Thailand for a month before leaving the quarantine hotel.  So was she in the hotel for a month?  If the French husband reads the article he may be surprised to learn a man in the room next to his wife's room also tested positive.  

But they said she had a different version of the virus than the 2 guys. A very complicated story like so many reported stories.


What happened to the Koh Samui girl and why is the donation account still closed? It is always like watching a movie where the end is missing. The main difference is that such a movie I would not watch. Don't really understand why I can't t do the same with the news reports... 

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23 hours ago, snoop1130 said:

Though we haven’t found the source of her infection, we still have to revise our guidelines for alternative state quarantine sites and cut down the risk of spreading the virus,” Dr Sopon said 


After 7 mths of daily pony & trap about how well they're doing you'd think they'd be able to come up with something better than that .. 

What really happened was :- French lady bought some cosmetics in France that have passed through the hands of a infected shop assistant .. said contaminated cosmetics gained access to Thailand inside her make up bag then waited before sneakily springing their surprise appearance at just the right time ( insert time ( d/h/m ) date , etc to suit your denial )  .. 

There you go Doc' it's easy if you think outside the box .. have that one on me ..


23 hours ago, snoop1130 said:

Dr Sopon Iamsirithaworn, director of the Disease Control Department’s Bureau of General Communicable Diseases 


General Communicable Diseases .? 

is this a new General we haven't heard about before ..

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23 hours ago, johng said:

What happened to  she was Thai with a  French passport   ???

She has dual nationality.


It is unclear if she has a Thai who acquired French nationality , or a Frenchwoman who acquired Thai nationality. Both are possible. And neither really has any bearing on the issue since in either case the facts are the same.


They can have ruled out her infecting or being infected by either of the other 2 infected cases in that hotel based on genetic sequences in the viruses but I do not see  how they could have determine that she was infected 17 days prior.


I think in fact all that can be said is that she was nto infected by either of those men nor they from her.


It remains the case that her infection is either occurred during the quarantine period or had an unusually long or short incubation period.


And it has been established that infection control measures at this ASQ facility were inadequate.



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