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Thailand-China ink High Speed Rail deal

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Debt trap locked & loaded.

Yesterday, Thailand signs an agreement with the US to finance Thai infrastructure projects. Today, Thailand signs an agreement to build a Chinese railroad to increase ties between Thailand and China.

The Corona Express?

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1 hour ago, josephbloggs said:

What, China the country which has the most extensive and reliable high speed network in the world?  36,000 kms of high speed rail which is more than two thirds of the world's total network.   

Or are you just a usual TVF "made in China must be bad" basher?

Check how much of it is making any profit.  Some past bosses imprisoned.

USA showing any interest in Thailand maybe connected with Taiwan future issues.  Good to be in the middle with both sides throwing money and kisses  Thailand's way?

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I don't care who makes it, let them run that ish from Swampy to Hua Hin and I'm riding it. Anything beats three nail-biting hours on Phetchakrashem Road.

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