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Typhoon Goni Warning

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Because of the trolling of my previous topic I want to make it clear that this is a prediction of the formation of a possible tropical storm.    It is not my prediction I am just doing a hea

Don't let your posts be trolled. It is very useful and interesting information.   Please keep up the good work, really appreciated...

This is a photo that I received directly from the NOAA-18 weather satellite yesterday (Friday), (using an antenna made of blue water pipes and old wire...).  I think the typhoon is just outside view o

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There seems to be a relentless  march of the  typhoons/storms this year .

For those who take notice  even in Australia they are constantly eying the sky never knowing if there is a need  to  duck  or not!

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Looks like a big blinking one!




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"A typhoon that is the most intense storm of 2020 is swirling in the North Pacific, and it's heading for a direct hit on the Philippines.

Super Typhoon Goni rapidly intensified this week, and as of Friday boasted sustained winds of 285 km/h, putting it squarely at Category 5-equivalent strength.

Goni looks to keep much of its strength over the next couple of days, and may still be at least Category 3 Sunday morning when it strikes Luzon in the Philippines, the country's most populous island that is also home to the capital Manila."



wp2220 (3).gif





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