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Is chamchuri square an option for ordinary wp holders?

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My girlfriend needs to do her 90 day report tomorrow and all appointments at Mtt are booked, however she saw another 90 day report option available at chamchuri square and booked an appointment there. Did some searching and seems like no one ever posts about going there except for someone talking about a business visa, which is not what my girlfriend has (teacher). 


So question is what will happen if she shows up to this location tomorrow for her appointment slot? Turned away? And as a followup, what would happen if she just decided to show up to Mtt tomorrow without an appointment?


Online reporting is failing for her on both the app and the website, so it seems she's got no choice but to report in person. 

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You can only use the Chamchuri square if your visa/extension of stay and work permit are issued in conjunction with BOI (board of investment) status, or if you are working under the US treaty that allows 100% ownership of a business (I think). Other than that you can’t report there.


BOI issued extension of stays have a specific stamp in passports so it would be clear to the officer that your other half can’t report there. I know all this because I work for a BOI company, but now do my reports online instead of going in person.

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