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Hi All


The domain name I would like to use is already taken with .com and .co.uk

If I have to use .net or .co which one would be best for an online store?


Thanks for any advice



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Thanks I did not even know .shop existed. This is availabe but £100 more than .net and .co.

which is not a problem. Just looking fr the next best thing to .com.

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5 hours ago, Noodles said:

I did not even know .shop existed

There are thousands of new "Top Level Domain", now around 1514 at last count.


Wikipedia: List of Internet TLDs (Top Level Domains)   ...see English titled section

.business .buy .company .deal  .digital .forsale .gifts .health .ltd .market .online .sale .shop .shopping .store .supply .<deleted> .zone 


Some country domains, like .co (Columbia),  make themselves available as .com/.co.uk alternative look-alikes. 


Registrar restrictions and yearly registration pricing varies, some TLDs might be had for $7 US/yr, while others are $100/yr or more.

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