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Walmart pulls firearms, ammunition from U.S. store floors as civil unrest flares

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Yeah, so many mass shootings back then. Just give me a minute or so to reload...

Of course we have similar policies in place in the UK.   A lot of our supermarkets will not sell eggs or flour to teenagers at Halloween!

Why, is it the only place that sells?   Good to see some social responsibility.

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Half hearted attempt to look socially responsible, sine they will still sell them "on request" they have only removed them from sight not from sale.

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13 minutes ago, Pattaya Spotter said:

Yes I gather that...I guess just hiding them from the BLM and ANTIFA looters.

So you agree its a good thing.

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9 minutes ago, NumbNut said:

One at a time, my dear Spotter, one at a time. That's the difference.


Loading, loading, load-ing... shoot. Repeat


Loading, loading, load-innggg... shoot. Repeat


Loading, loading, load-innnggggg... shoot.


A mass shooting would take a bloody fortnight back then!


I could go on, but I'm hoping you've got my argument now.

Agree...advances in technology are great aren't they. Imagine having to take out all those Nazis and Imperial Japanese soldiers one by one.

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