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Financial experts say ONLY 8 million foreign tourists likely to visit Thailand next year

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8 million IF they scrap all those draconian rules inkl insurance and quaranten. Even then, 8 million is very optimistic. 

So the financial experts say only 8 million tourists next year, hang on a minute T.A.T. says there will be 11 million Chinese tourists, so who is correct? Clearly they never got their heads toget

Both of them far too optimistic. If this country allowed me to bet, I'd bet on no vaccine, borders still effectively closed, and less than 1M.

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Just now, BritManToo said:

Both of them far too optimistic.

If this country allowed me to bet, I'd be betting on less than 1M.

At the moment (July/August/September) 1,500 people/day entered Thailand, foreigners only and that is with land borders closed and draconian travel restrictions. 

Just lifting the restriction a little and we will easily see 2-3 million visitors. 

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