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60 day extension or marriage visa?

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Almost two months ago I went to the immigration office to get my marriage visa. All papers were in order except for a new requirement, which was to have 3 months of rental receipts.


The helpful officers in charge gave a hell of a time, and eventually I got a 60 day extension to visit my wife instead. You can read about the ordeal here:


Those 60 days will end on the 25th of November. The problem is that the landlord is not keen on giving us receipts because obviously he doesn’t pay taxes. I am not looking forward to facing the officers again to sort out the marriage visa and have to go through everything, so I would prefer to delay it.


Is it possible for me to get another 60 day extension to visit wife, or one of these 60 day amnesty extensions immigration is giving out now, and get the marriage visa later?

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Try an convince you landlord that immigration does not report anything to the revenue department.

You can only apply for one 60 day extension to visit your wife per entry to the country.

You could apply for the new 60 day extension.

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