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What's the biggest regret of your life.

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I find it kinda hard to say what regret really is,it could mean different things.

In hindsight we all could have been millionaires and we would all have moved here when we were 20 or so.

The thing is we didn't because we were living life as we thought we should back then.

A little story, both involving my younger brothers.For some reason my two youngest brothers have always looked up to me,i can not figure out why to this day.

both have asked me advice about major things in life and i told them the following.

When you are on your deathbed and have a lot of time thinking about every thing you did both right and wrong,remember the following.

You can feel sorry for something you did but you can only regret something you did not do.

So go out and take your chances,do the best you can and see what happens.

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logging on this website, it's really lowered my opinion of westerners..

One day I was happily resting in the warm water and my food was being piped in regularly, not a care in the world.   All of a sudden I heard this voice in my head 'go towards the light... go

if i had the option, i should have chosen some other parents

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2 hours ago, BritManToo said:

I regret marrying a British schoolteacher ....... It cost me a fortune and the sex (what there was of it) was rubbish.

Then when she divorced me she said I was a lousy lover ........"How do you know?", I asked, "You were a virgin when we got married".

she probably googled "BritManToo" 😂

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1 hour ago, JAFO said:

Selling my Tesla stock way to soon. I had a pretty good chunk and felt the company was just spinning in circles. Still made a good chunk of cash but could have enough if I sold it today to...well.... own a yacht and be living in Monaco sitting at a table now gambling.....🙂 

Don't worry. On the next dip, buy a few more TSLA shares and soon, your private yacht will become reality.


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28 minutes ago, dunroaming said:

We all start out of virgins and many girls must truly regret breaking in virgin boys as well. Come on guys, be honest, your first time was pretty pathetic, wasn't it?  I know mine was. 🙄

Absolutely. Mine was awful, but I'm not telling what happened on here.


I had to wait till I was 46 and had discovered LOS to know what decent sex was . Even then I had a disastrous  time in LOS for the first year. It wasn't till I found my first long time "GF" that I discovered the "Joy of Sex" to quote a book title.

Far as I'm concerned, romantic first times are something that happens in movies.

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17 minutes ago, PatOngo said:

What's the biggest regret of your life.

Has a TV moderator ever banned you from the forum for 5 days? THAT was the low point of my life!

I used to get busted from sergeant to lance corporal (acting,unpaid) quite regularly until I figured out that I had signed up on TVF for the duration...


Now I just have to keep the doolally at bay.

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