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More People Ignore Face Masks

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I don't understand why governments make it mandatory to wear masks, but yet allow people to wear masks that the manufacturer admits is not working against virus. 


All over the world tons of people are wearing cloth masks made by popular brands.


Adidas is a popular brand to wear here in Denmark and sold out in many shops.

Here is what Adidas write in the details on their website. 


This covering has not been tested or certified as personal protection equipment. It’s not a protection mask of any kind.

This covering will not provide protection to you or others from spreading viruses. Worn over your mouth and nose it can limit the spread of droplets.


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says the permanent secretary for public health without setting an example and wearing a mask ...

Once again a case of do what i say, not as i do.😡 Just shows the arrogance of those supposedly running the country. Lead by example, ha, ha, ha.

Hardly anyone around Chiang Mai wearing face masks, they're just on for 7-11/Tesco/Malls and off the instant they're out. Me too.

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On 10/31/2020 at 7:20 PM, nemo38 said:

Sweden solved the problem by ignoring it.


China solved the problem by stopping testing.


People don't yet see the issues that the lockdown will cause. Countries which have been stupid will suffer for generations.

Generations? A little over the top, dont you think? Economic recovery will be in a 2 to 5 year time frame, as we've seen with other economic shocks. 


Sweden is currently imposing restrictions because herd immunity has not really worked, and they have not really escaped the economic impact of the virus, despite not initially imposing lockdowns.



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21 hours ago, connda said:

Because it is a sign that you're willing to blindly obey and submit to all government edicts. 
Just like here on TV.  It's easy to sort the blindly obedience lap dogs from the independent wolves.  And we do scare the stuffings out of the lap dogs who all but piddle when they see those of us who see though this economy destroying, society killing, cultural destruction in the name of what will now be a seasonal flu.  You people really, truly want to live under a totalitarian rule because you believe that your leaders will keep you safe - you people are ill but it has nothing to do with a pathogen. 
The classic Milgram study and the Zimbardo Prison experiment are examples of where unquestioning conformity leads you people.  You're treading down the path to Hell with pitchfork in hand while attempting to herd all others down the path with you. 
And no.  I'm not wearing a d**n mask to make you feel safe. 

Just relax. Wearing a mask doesn't mean they are coming into your bunker to take your AR15s away from you. Not wearing a mask doesn't make you a wolf, just an a**hole.

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I'm not happy I cannot see faces, we have lost our love of hugs and kisses and handshakes, it's a shame

Being cut off from normal human contact is not good .. I hear suicides are well up, no wonder.

I feel lucky to be in Chiang Mai away from the worst of it.

Did the fart test, my masks all failed as well, I'm sure those perspex masks I see on TV do zero.

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