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Activist slams Thai judiciary for refusing bail for pro-democracy fighters, yet letting ‘Sia Po’ out

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4 minutes ago, rkidlad said:

And what about that hiso copper who hit a killed a food vendor in his car and literally ran away? (Where’s that story by the way?)


He was given bail for 100k. And yea, if anyone’s wondering, that’s what the American who wrote very mean reviews about a hotel had to pay. Not before he spent two days in jail, of course. 

Would anyone like to remind others how they should respect Thai law? 


Yep quite a few farrang hypocrites on this site, they want to be Thai so much they willingly swallow the lies and corruption and regularly drop their trousers and bend over, you really couldn't make it up yet there are pages of apologists making excuses for a broken Thai judiciary and Police......

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Whispers say people up high don't want the leaders out so they will either remain behind bards or be released and then arrested again on the spot. Democracy activists are perceived as a danger to the folks up high... 

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4 hours ago, TooBigToFit said:

Even before they have been put on trial, the young activists have had forced haircuts. The males got short high and tights like police officers and the girl Rung who had colored hair had it dyed a natural dark brown color and cut to a short cut just below the ears. It's sickening.

Disgraceful behaviour from the authorities.  I do wonder what they do when one has a natural hair colour other than black. I heard of teachers insisting all pupils must have black hair, even if that means a kid with non black hair is then forced to dye the hair... I would fear some of these same folks run prisons. Teachers and prison guards have much in common I think.

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