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Gen Prawit urges Digital Ministry to tackle fake news

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When there truly is a free press, when there truly is freedom of speech, then there is no need to censor "fake news".
In a free press, when there is freedom of speech and publishing, every side has the right and privilege to write arguments and counter-arguments.  Then its up to the reader to take a position.

"Fake News" is a term that will be used by those supporting the status quo to discredit and censor any and all opposing viewpoints from their own. 
"We're going to protect the public from mistruths."

No, you're only going to allow a single-sided view of the world filtered through the lens of your own agenda to be published.

We live in a era when even the public now believes in censorship of anything they find personally "offensive" or that does not fit their own personal biases and narratives.
The flip side to that is some day, some time, some where those who are asking for censorship to be applied to views they disagree with will eventually find that their own views become the target of censorship which they themselves helped usher in.  Then watch out when the same biased partisan censorship creeps into the realm of science.  Real science will end in the name of correctness and conformity.  Suddenly the galaxy revolves around the Earth again metaphorically speaking.  And we are already treading those waters in the world of SARS-Cov-2.
All epidemiologist must support the WHO official Covid narrative.
Any epidemiologist who publishes a scientific study that counters the WHO official Covid narrative is now accused of publishing "Fake News" and is excoriated by the main-stream press.  We are here.  And it's very, very dangerous.

I find it amazing how many people who 5 to 10 years ago proclaimed the virtues of freedom of speech, freedom of assembly as well as "freedom" and "democracy" in general.  Now?  The majority of these same people want an authoritarian, dictatorial nanny-state to protect them from virtually everything.  And they only want to hear what they already believe.  Anything else is "Fake News" and must be censored. 


Study history.  Then be careful what you wish for people.  You may get exactly what you asked for in the most unexpected manner.  :wink:

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Says the man who was allowed to use an excuse worse than, “My dog ate my homework” to get himself out of trouble.    These people are vulgar. 

Well then they should Start with TAT, MOPH, and then any Government associated stories as they are all fake....Unfortunately it is not April Fools day yet, or is it.

stifle the media; first paragraph of the first chapter in the dictators handbook

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On 10/30/2020 at 11:49 AM, ThailandRyan said:

Well then they should Start with TAT, MOPH, and then any Government associated stories as they are all fake....Unfortunately it is not April Fools day yet, or is it.

Groundhog Day unfortunately with that lot ! 🙈

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