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More than 100 foreigners ripped off for 5 million baht+ in education visa scam

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สมน้ำหน้า These foreigners wanted to scam the Thai visa rules. Now they got scammed themselves...

Next headline.. 100 Farangs arrested for overstaying their Visas  on Koh Phangan . regards Worgeordie  

Yet another scam ripping off foreigners, which the cops are "investigating." If the shoe had been on the other foot and a foreigner had ripped off that many Thais, one suspects said farang would have

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same trap every year but a little different and AGAIN this "cheap" place becomes expensive for some.   they save 10 baht here, save 5 baht here, live in shack for 100 baht, eat 18 baht of rice....THEN get scammed for 40,000!!!!  OMG   


i had an ED Visa before but I used my brain and picked the right place.  no problems, everything professional, years ago.  


i'm sure none of these farangs can speak Thai and only want to drink and party and drink and party and drink and party....


I want the company to sue them for defamation or the refund will be 1 satang and they get a wai and their picture.  


Odds of getting back all their money?      OMG I'll laugh all day


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