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Calls for Thais to work factory jobs previously done by absent migrants

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What's this? Thais being accused of being lazy and not wanting to work? Lock this fella up for spreading what must be fake news surely? 

Oh yeah, I am sure the Thai's will take 300 Baht a day working in pressure cooker conditions, where there is a daily quota to be completed.  No not a lie.  My GF's Aunt and husband from Myanmar just q

God...these people are so stupid....stop shipping in cheap labour and pay a decent wage....problem solved.   Thais are being ripped off every step of the way....whilst five or so Chinese fam

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This makes perfect sense, any unemployed Thai refusing a factory (or any other) job during the COVID crisis is letting his/her country down. Why winge about lost jobs in the tourism sector while there are unfilled positions in the manufacturing sector?


And there is so much work, everywhere, that the country needs to get rid of its third world look. Let's think about this, wouldn't that be a nice way to become more competitive as an "up market" destination once COVID is over?


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