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The visa amnesty is now over: Foreigners face fines and possible deportation for overstaying visas

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I don't understand the thinking behind this.  Are these stranded people a burden on the state?  Do they somehow get more than they spend without bringing currency in from their home country?  Are they

Good luck deporting people back to places like Australia or Wales and who knows where else as the ever promised "Second Wave" hits the world and countries begin locking down once again - which is why

Why cant people just do what they're supposed to do? Its not that hard?   If they want to deport them but cant they'll just lock 'em up 'til they can. That better?

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1 hour ago, Letseng said:

No problem to return them to Wales. You only need to put them onto a flight to UK. Europe never closed to their nationals not even to international flights. All borders are open within EU. All they need is to put you onto any flight within Europe/EU and you can get home to a locked down Wales.

Australia not so easy. I pity aussies that have been trying to get home but cannot. Best they hide low for a while.


I just see no reason to do this. They are not a drain on thailand but a benefit. Surely if they have a flight booked but it keeps getting cancelled you would think a bit of empathy and consideration.


But no, not the thai way.

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4 hours ago, Thailand Noobie said:

Before first lockdown people had enough time to get out from Thailand, but they decided to stay, so whose fault is it in the first place?


People who can't return their homeland now have already extended Visas, if not, they will end up to jail or deportation center.

The whole thing is that there are a bunch of people that didn't listen to what the government said.  They ASS U ME d that there would be another extension.


Now that are crying it isn't fair 


Too bad you had loads of time to make arrangements to stay and didn't.


Pay the man on your way out.


As for this long term expat I am aware things can change and have started plan c.

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8 hours ago, Mr Meeseeks said:

If only they were as proficient at rounding up the filthy, feral stray dogs as they are for overstaying foreigners. 

Why,  feral dogs rate higher than foreigners..... 

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6 hours ago, CorpusChristie said:


   Foreigners who have been in Thailand for 8 months can hardly be considered to be tourists 

With many breaking their necks to get out of Thailand and back home.... they certainly don't consider themselves as tourists..... 

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33 minutes ago, CorpusChristie said:

All many have had to do is to buy a flight ticket 

This is a good point. Air travel in 2020 seems like the easiest thing in the world to do, especially with a large number of countries advising against it. 

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