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Phuket: "Graveyard Patong" - where even the 7-Eleven is shut

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8 hours ago, Somtamnication said:

One less 7-11 is not major news. However, I understand the spirit of the story. Sad days head, not yet finished with this covid thing.

Yes John it’s a ghost. Sad n nothing gunna change soon I fear. 

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Not to worry. General Prayut will fix it all on Monday in Phuket and Tuesday in Samui. He will have all his lucky necklaces on.

I went to Patong for the first time a few weeks ago and have to say the photo does not exaggerate. The Hotel we stopped at was very well priced and room was excellent. We only walked down to the beach

I feel so sorry for the tuktuk drivers who charged us 200 baht for a 200 meter ride...😝    

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7 hours ago, ChipButty said:

Where I live I think the 7/11's are just about hanging in there, when I go in none of them are busy, I go in 2 or 3 different ones, upto now 2 family marts have closed shop and stripped all the fitting out.

Business as usual in villages across Thailand mainly big tourist areas are the sufferers

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9 hours ago, thaibeachlovers said:

Same sort of thread on the Samui, Pattaya and Chiang Mai subforums.

However it's only to be expected when apparently no tourists are coming and only local Thai tourists. Can't expect long stay expats to be picking up the slack.

I'd like to see some threads about Thai communities to see if they are having the same problems. I can't see Lamphun being a "ghost" town as hardly any farangs lived there and I never saw farang tourists.

I'd expect life to be much as it was before corona.

We are a Thai tourist area and the high season started earlier than usual because of the previous restrictions with people wanting to get out of Bangkok and up into the mountains. A popular resort near us would be averaging 2-3 busloads every day (normally that would only be on weekends). At times they are catering for 200 people a night (the wife supplies them with some vegetables)

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10 hours ago, NCC1701A said:

many business have closed including both 7 eleven and family mart right here at Asok BTS Sukhumvet area.


 the other night there were five customers in Billboard GoGo and 37 dancers, 18 of them going around and around on the carousel with not much chance of getting off. pun intended.


a little known economic indicator that I use. 





In there purely for research purposes 🤣 A nasty job but hats off to you for making the effort. 😂

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Isn't it sad that everywhere in Thailand looks almost identical to the top photo in this article?


Concrete and overhead wires, peeling paint, etc.


At least in America, different places look different.


Capitola, California looks different than Santa Barbara, California.


Santa Fe, New Mexico looks different than Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts.


I'm thinking about putting up my own road sign at the turnoff to my wife's parents house, because I keep missing the turn BECAUSE IT ALL LOOKS THE SAME. 😂

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17 hours ago, ChipButty said:

Phuket town is doing ok, We spent 3 days in Nakorn Si business as usual over there we've also been to Trang, Trang itself was ok but not the beach areas they were dead.

Quite simple, let the European people who live in Thailand back, in now stop extortion by Thai owned insurance companies, which by the way, the government has passed laws for which allows them to invoke, sadly, conditions on age and forbids other overseas companies insurance to stand in Thailand. 


Then the quarantine extortion and now the plastic GPS wrist bands they probably bought from HUAWEI for 500 BHT and will require you to pay 5000 BHT for before you can get through immigration 


Sadly the return of people that own homes has become extortion. 

And the STV is being extorted by the same means 

And the powers that be are writing this into Law. 

They are actually writing Thailand into economic suicide. 

If it gets much worse for the people with millions of BHT locked in Thailand then possibly political pressure from the peoples embassies may happen in the near future. 

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