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Hi Everyone-  Currently living in Thailand for 1.5 years, transplants from the US. We are looking into the Trang area, needing recommendations. Best way to find a rental? What areas are best to stay in? Areas to avoid for flooding? How's the medical ? Are the nightly and weekend markets open? Anything else we may need to know from those who have been around for a bit. thx appreciate your time Ron & Suzy 

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On 11/3/2020 at 6:28 PM, petermik said:

We have a house nearby in Hua Yot...we spend 10 days/month down there from our base in Pattaya....sorry but I could never live there on a permanent basis :sad:


Could you elaborate more on why not?  Or the pros/cons of living "there"?

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There's some (slightly touristic) info here, but you might find something useful in there:


The markets are open AFAIK.


Mostly the Muang area is on high ground and doesn't flood.  The main flood areas in the central area are marked on here:


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In my opinion - it’s as dull as ..


I am happy in Hat Yai, I taught for nearly 10 years - met a lot of people who couldn’t live Trang and moved here.


Trang hospital is great! The crispy pork belly is great! Tam Lae Khoaw Gop is interesting (once).
You are mid way between HY and Krabi, so you could have the best of both worlds by living in the middle. All the best! 

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