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Low-cost smartphone with fast browser for home network use only -- recommendation?

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maybe you want to check a new japanese device that translate your speach to your desired language.


so you talk to the device in english and the device will translate you to thai (or tagalo, or lao, or khmer - whcihever your girlfriend is from):



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The cheapest 'vivo'. 790 baht. Takes good pics too. Just don't drop it.

Do not buy Huawei, recently purchased mate pad t 8 inch. EMUI 10 now bars anything Google, due apparently to the fight between USA and Huawei.  I have spent hours installing a second boot system

And some of the reported features are not exactly desired. https://www.smarthouse.com.au/secret-chinese-code-that-sends-information-back-to-china-found-on-huawei-and-zte-phones/

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