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Copy And Pasting Into Topics

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36 minutes ago, RichCor said:

Many OS 'clipboards' mechanisms have to offer up several 'converted' versions of the selected copied content to allow pasting into a non-matching environment.


Trying to successfully get clipboard contents from one app into another can be very frustrating (especially if there are coding errors in the alternate converted clipboard content process).


When you next encounter the issue try also pasting the same original clipboard content into other types of applications to see if they result in the same or similar errors.


[reference: docs.microsoft.com Clipboard Formats]



I know and have tried those options when applicable. They do NOT apply in this case!!  Please re-read the OP where I explain this where the TV spell check system is both not working properly/all the time and where something appears to be removing letters and not highlighting the subsequent error(s)/removals.

I have just done this post by originating it in WP2020 and copy and pasting it here.

(Note; Before "submit" pressed  TV not asking to "format" the text")
Whether I have to use the TV “formatting system” or whatever, I will discover in a moment!!
(I will post my experience after the “PS;” after "an "edit")


Please note that I am not asking for solutions.  I am just asking;

“Is anybody else getting the problem I explained in the OP”. 


PS;  I have found no problems with this post after posting above and coming back to edit.  Maybe it was a temporary glitch, who knows!


PPS;  If anyone else experiences this phenonium please let the Admin know!

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1 minute ago, fangless said:

I know and have tried those options when applicable. They do NOT apply in this case!! 

The 'pasting' into other apps on your device is a diagnostics process to see if the conditions are encountered elsewhere, with a certain web browser, or only with ThaiVisa's web 2.0 javascript helper files.


...and, yes, I have experienced pasting anomalies with the ThaiVisa text edit box, though I've always attributed it to the OS clipboard conversion process (even when characters are dropped mid-word).

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